may you please help me with ratios as fractions?

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    See my friend :

    Ratio is the comparison of any two quantities of similar kind

    For example, the ratio of 100 kg rice and 200 kg rice is 100 /200 = 1/2

    In symbol, we write it as, 1: 2

    This result implies that one quantity of rice is 2 times more than another quantity of rice or one quantity of rice is 2 times less than other quantity of rice.

    Note: You cannot relate the one quantity with another quantity of different kind.

    For example, you are not allowed to relate the quantity of rice with price of rice.

    Talking about the fraction:

    It is the parts by whole.

    It consists of two parts i.e. numerator and denominator, so a fraction can be written as:

    Fraction  = Numerator / denominator

    Note: Denominator of a fraction cannot be zero, because its result is infinity.

    Tips - Though ratio & Fraction seems to be related to each other but they are defined on different ground.

    But you can relate the ratio & fraction.

    Hope this information has helped you to know the relation between ratio & fraction.

    Share the idea with your friends too.



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