I am a builder,,I have survived cancer twice.. each time i went back to work, the colen rectal cancer in 2005 was a major plumbing job leaving me with a colostomy and urostomy. These things I can live with and i have been in remission over 5 years. but in the last few years hernias have developed, I can no longer do any lifting bending over or any thing that i used to do. the Hernias are on each side of my belly button and the size of a large grapefruit. because the housing market is so bad the

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    Sorry to hear of your ill health,but what is it you need to know ?

    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers................... : -)

    When I developed chronic pain  with my back and neck the doctor said, "You will have to change your life." I stood there thinking what that meant. The doctor told me that ten years ago and here I am.

    Your problem sounds worse than mine but the solution might be the same ... "Change your life." It sounds like you may need a lot more rest. I'm not sure though, Umbriel requested that your reword and I agree with him.

    Be as well as you can. Come back! The people here are great.


    We got the gist.  Hang in there, buddy.

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