I need to know how many children and grand children General Westermoreland had, names and general location, and/or background of family members. Reason being is I am a California State Licensed Private Investigator (License Number 18285 and I own Shadow Detective Agency). I have a client that claims to be General Westermoreland's grand daughter and I am just checking the reliability of the story as my client is a Viet Nam Vet. and is giving her quite a lot of money and gifts as she is very you

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    Your claim to be a licensed private investigator doesn't ring true to me based on the question you've asked, the details you've provided, and the fact that you've asked it here. it really  
    sounds more like you are trying to get someone to answer an essay question for you.
    Viet Nam vets aren't young (your question cut off after "you") anymore.  They are in their 50's, 60's and beyond.
    I fail to see why it matters who her grandpa is, that she is a VN vet, or that she is giving away alot of money.  What purpose does your investigation serve for her, your client?
    Check her birth certificate; follow up by locating the birth certificates of the parents listed.  The general should be the father of her mother or father. 

    If you were truly a PI, I'd fire your ass for being incompetent!

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