Can a woman marry without love? I know a man can.

    What do you think?

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    Both sexes are capable of carrying on with a loveless relationship, My aunt has a friend who fell out of love with her husband more than 25 years ago. She didn't want to divorce him while they were raising their son. She won't divorce him now because they have grandchildren.


    She inherited a lot of money from her grandparents after they passed away. She could have left him a long time ago and she would have been financially stable.

    Woman marry for love even if only for five minutes. Staying in love is the trick though. The women in my family don’t (didn’t) put marriage up there with must do....

    A lot of women marry for security, or money,or to get out of their parents' house,  or b/c all their sisters and cousins are getting married. Or b/c they want a baby. Maybe that's why I got married later in life, b/c I wasn't looking to get married for any of those reason

    I speak from experience. It happened to me....TWICE!

    Maybe they can,but neither sex should..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Women does it all the time, lot of women looking for succesfull rich men

    Gosh..right, I'm so innocent!

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