what evidence do scholors use to suggest that the people of crete were loving people

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    I can not find any research that makes this claim. What I have found is that they lived a more modern life than others of that era, including indoor plumbing. They had wealth and hierarchy and all got along and did their jobs. They were more concerned about trade than warfare so they had little need for weapons.  The social structure was one of a village that lives together takes care of each other, so apparently they lived the rules of socialism. Today there is little knowledge about the life of the Cretes. The evidence comes from unearthing their villages, seeing the difference in the size of huts, larger ones showing a little more wealth so that shows hierarchy and lack of weapons at the dig sites means non warring people, paintings that show larger people and smaller people which is depicted as the size of the person in a group setting showed the level of importance of that person (all this according to the scholars).  They were loving in the manner that they cared for each other in a socialistic way and did not like war but did have watch towers in the event of an attack so they did seek to protect themselves if needed. 

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