Why is it always about the homosexuals?

    Religous folks always seem to pick on the homosexuals for their sexual sins. Why doesn't the adulters and all the fornicators bother you so much? How many Christians are fornicating (having sex without marriage)? BTW, Jesus really slammed the Pharisees when He told them that if they even lust after another woman in their hearts they are commiting adultery. Jesus had a way of putting the condemnation crowd in their places.

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    I don't sin. I earn karma. But yeah what he said! Go pick on someone else for a while! Wait, strike that...PICK ON NO ONE! There. That's better : )

    In general, for no one in particular: How's your backyard looking? All pristine and shiny? Yes? Good for you : ) That makes you better than the rest, keep up the good work! ;D

    Oh, I think you are blowing it all out of context. The truly religious don't hate, they love! At least that's what they claim. In other words, they love homosexuals, but not what the homosexuals do with each other. Right?

    There maybe secret homosexuals amongst you. How do we know? There are plenty in the catholic church. They lurk in the confessional box.

    Funny how he never foresaw lusting over young boys too.. tsk tsk.


    maybe he did and that was his thing. After all, wasn't abnormal for a Jewish man not to be married by that age?


    Whoa, he forgot about the incest in the bible.

    I consider myself a Christian and, as such, it's not my place to pass judgments on anybody.  I always say that when I get to Heaven, I will have alot of explaining to do. Perfect God can deal with my sins. Imperfect people need to weed their own gardens.
    The people who are passing judgment, condemning, reprimanding, and otherwise telling people how they should be and what they need to do are not people I would consider Christian.  They are busybodies, snobs, and not doing anything to promote what I consider to be Christianity.
    I have read some of Paul's letters (New Testament) as well as the Gospels.  I'm no expert, but it seemed pretty clear that sex outside of marriage was discouraged.  I didn't take this to be exclusive to homosexuals or heterosexuals.  I took it to be all-inclusive. 
    Just a little FYI:  I would suspect that, in the gay community, you will find adulterers and fornicators.  Infidelity has no boundaries.
    Also, "Religious folk"  are not all "Christians".  If you meant to address your concern about "Christian" behavior, be upfront about it.  If you meant Muslims, Catholics, Christian Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter Day Saints, Jews, Taoists, etc. etc. etc.  then "religious folk" works. 


    Especially when legal marriage for gays is only in a few states. Any committed couple living together but outside of marriage is considered what in the Christian religion? I'm just curious because I have gay friends that are Christian but are not married to their partner because it's not legal in their state.

    Just a FYI, the term Christian has its origin in the bible. The disciples were first called Christians by those who did not believe Jesus was the Christ. The term "disciple" means student. Therefore, if one "considers themselves to be a Christian" then they are saying that they are a student of Jesus Christ, which means they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ found only in the bible.

    God Bless!

    Hi FriendofGod: When I say I consider myself a Christian, I mean exactly what you have explained in your comment. I follow the teachings, but am by no means perfect in my steps. I stumble along constantly.
    Hi Colleen: To me, gay couples living together are no different than hetero couples living together, except the gay couples may want to be married legally but aren't allowed to in their residence state. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when people who want to make a commitment aren't allowed to, and people who can make a commitment choose not to. At my Christian church, what would a committed couple (gay or straight)living together and not married be called? Probably by their first names (we're pretty informal).

    I won't get into the 'Homosexual' content of this but i do have something to say about 'sex before marriage' in your question.  Or 'living together in sin'  I have nothing against this practice, if a couple loves each other why can't they live together? who says they must be married?  How come you are allowed to try out a pair of shoes that will last maybe a couple years but marriage last a lifetime and you aren't allowed to try that out??  I think there would be less divorces if people were made to live together 2 years before allowing marriage..   We are allowed to 'try out' just about anything and return it if it doesn't workout, why not marriage??  



    From a Christian pov, I can only align my thoughts with God's Word for Christian living. Jesus said that from the begininng (Adam and Eve) God declared marriage to be one man and one woman for life (until death do ye part) the scripture also dclares that any sex outside of marriage is called "fornication" and is sin.

    So to answer you question from a Christian pov as to why not? Because Jesus said not to.

    God Bless!

    I respect your answer but I don't accept the POV and the 'jesus said to'.. This is written by persons we don't know, we have no proof of such words, just what has been transfered and deciphered by the same people for 2000+ years. humanity has changed, we are not walking in robes and sandals anymore, we do not eat parasitic meats and fish today,technology keeps us safe and living longer. What does Jesus say about modern technology? Why are we allowed to move ahead in one way and not another? Why aren't you wearing a robe and sandals?? I think its time for a new and improved get with the times edition of the bible.. I believe that people living the bible are living a life full of guilt. I believe jesus wanted us to reach out and find ourselves, not him, he's not hiding, we are.. Find happiness in yourself and you make god happy, does jesus want us to live our lives miserable because we made a mistake? Does jesus not forgive those that sin>? Why then does he not allow us to prepare for life without sin by giving us the freedom to choose with caution and trial?? This is where you bible people are a walking expression of guilt because you do this too! Many people of the bible break the rules of the bible and live in this guilt, this is wrong, very wrong.. Jesus should tell you this too but I don't thing the bible believers want he modern word.. Jesus spoke in spirit to only those that wrote the bible, he speaks to all of you too so you say, does he not see that we have changed?? Is god (Jesus) a blind creator?? I think it is time for one of you believers to listed to the new and improved jesus, I believe Jesus no longer wears sandals and robes, that was for that time.. if he walked the earth today, I don't think you would see the same jesus that have been etched on paintings for years as this long haired Caucasian bearded w/ flowing brown straight hair. I would be a bit 'cooler' than that.. Our friends in the middle east are still looking for their Allah and expecting him too to be wearing a robe and sandals..

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