What are some items past Presidents removed from the White House?

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    Stealing is legal term and there has been no such charge made by any authority. The Clintons took items given to them while they were in the White House, and what they took was agreed to by the White House managers. There are questions as to what was donated to them, and what was donated to the White House. It is important to note that items the Clinton took that were donated while they were in the White House may not fit the decor of the White House and be headed for a storage facility anyway. There have been claims that they took stuff that didn't belong to them from the White House, but the status of each item has to be cleared up to determine if they did. Before you donate anything to the White House, try to find out out of the current and likely future occupants want it. Items lacking a historical connection to the White House will almost certainly go into the trash , storage, or be loaned to members of Congress. Because donors may want something of theirs to become part of the White House does not mean that historians agree that it should be, or that there is room for it or money to maintain it. According to an article from February 2001 in the NY Times (see link below), they vowed to return any White House property they found mixed in with their own. It seems likely that the cost of determining the ownership and disposition of all the items in in question, will significantly exceed the value of the items.

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