What will become of all the unbaptised children now in limbo ?

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    davey wavey

    Not sure if you're aware of it, but the Roman Catholic Church has officially done away with the doctrine of Limbo. Not that this specious nonsense was ever true, but now the leaders of the little boy molesters society says there is no more limbo.
    Baldy Man

    Should we now thank the "little boy molesters" for being so understanding ?

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    they'll dance

    I guess the answer depends on your religious belief system. My God is a loving God and part of our very essence, I can not believe he would close the doors because they are not baptised.


    couldn't agree more mom..
    Baldy Man

    So why does your loving God allow those poor little children in East Africa to die of thirst and starvation ?

    i' don't beleive in baptism as a means of salvation ALL children go directly to heaven..

    Baldy Man

    Yes, I fully agree with you

    even christ wasn't baptised till he was 30...

    This is a reply to your comment to my answer earlier. Thats a good question that sadly I just don't have the answer that so many people seek. I have to ask you Baldy Man , why all these countries and people dripping in wealth and constant waste, aren't more involved in helping fix this travesty? Is this God created, or mankind not taking more responsibility for one another and giving more to those in dire need. I can't imagine that the answers to helping this situation don't sit right in our faces.How much water do we each take for granted on a daily basis and waste. More and more I hear people saying they are no longer donating to different charities because the money never goes where it's needed. So really,where does the blame for this go while we sit in front of the television watching this going on yet really not doing near as much as we are capable of to start helping with things like this. I hope you don't take this as a personal attack but more a really good point.

    Baldy Man

    think in the end it is subjected to ones personal beliefs and concience. If you feel helping these unfortunates one should get inside the "tent" to keep an eye on these greedy B....t....s whose hobby is rippping off these charities. Good for you !

    I guess they'll look like you.

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