What's the best way to burn off stubborn belly fat?

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    A good, smart, healthy diet and plenty of exercise...


    I walk in my job at least 5 hours a day-3 days a week. On time off I do other than just sit here and read. By the calorie count on activity, I should be thin but I am not :(.

    But think of how big you would be if you didn't do all you do....

    Please tell me.  I need to lose a couple inches around my waist.  I am unable to sit up, daren.



    At least, I like your smile.....

    hahahahhahaah this is so funny. you can paint another face on that belly lol

    That's a good idea, loveley. :)

    holy crap, how did you get that big ? looks like more than just belly fat, I think you need to get checked out..NOW!

    LMAO, lambshank, you're killing me.

    situps every other day  then walking about 20 minutes three times a week..

    Eat Healthy and do lots of walking and gym work


    Number one is to realize that your stomache is only as big as the palm of your hand and most of us stuff ourselves to the point of feeling sick. Slow down while eating because it takes 20 minutes for the full signal to hit the brain. Cut back on the bread, potatoes, alcahol and fried goods. Sit ups will tighten the muscles in the stomache area but start small and work up to your goal as to not hurt yourself. I ride my bike 3 times a week for an hour and sweat up a storm in the early morning burning fat. It is best to exercise early in the day to burn the most fat. I always have a huge glass of water before I go and a banana for enough energy. Combining weights and cardio are the best way but always warm your body up with cardio before you get into the weights and find a good trainer that will show you the right way to lift weights. I can't stress enough though that it is not an over night result, you have to be dedicated and make yourself worth the efforts.


    good grief, I got tired just reading all the things you do ! great stuff

    Aerobics!!  40 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week.  Only thing that worked for fave is power-walking on hills.

    Thank you for all the input. 

    just exercise. eat oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries. If you keep your blood sugar below 150 all the time even after eating you will lose it. Get a blood glucose meter at wal mart . Learn to eat foods that dont cause glucose to get above the 150 or so. Eat all day long then . A little at a time.


    what would that convert to, here in aus anything over 5.5 is considered high


    do sit ups daily - 25-50 if you can. that will do it.

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