how does aperson die from melamoma

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    maligment tumour of melanin-forming cells in the skin you can die if this but if caught early the risk is so much better with early detection

    It is a form of skin cancer.  Left untreated (and, sadly, even when treated), a person can die  from the effects of cancer.

    because if you don't get it taken care of---- it can grow downward into your organs. It is a fast growing, lethal form of skin cancer, but you can over come it. I've known people who did.

    It is called Melanoma and is malignant - looks like a mole 40-50% are from pigmented moles(or pigmentated area of the skin. mucous membranes, eyes or central nervous system). They vary in size and sometimes colour usually pigmentated. If looks like a mole - should be checked out anyway as it can be fatal and metastastasize i.e. spread rapidly within months and can be fatal but if detected  early the lesion being very superficial the cure rate us 100% Consider a Physician early - biopsy is necessary - some of the tissue taken for analysis,.  

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