what do bedbug bites look like.

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    My neighbor had them and he showed me a paper towel with 5or 6 of them, they were dark and circular, about the size of a ladybug. He got rid of his bed and had his apartment carpets and furniture professionally cleaned. He was also told to spray either Lysol or Febreeze on everything to ensure they dont come back. I never saw any bites but I think they would be like a mosquito bite.Start the Lysol right away they dont like the stickeness of the spray, or febreeze.Apparently it takes persaverance on your part. They are actually more attracted to clean places than dirty,Hope this helps



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    Bites look almost like tiny ant bites.. you can tell if it is a bed bug because the bite in a line. (work in school system, you wouldnt believe how many kids have them and their parents have no idea).

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