Who would LIE to avoid a Roman Cross?

    A poster wrote this "Jesus is busy explaining to his followers why he lied to them."

    Although this poster has no evidence to this accusation (something the word of God calls "bearing a false witness") she insist that it must be true.

    What does the evidence actually say? Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and the Jews, who did not like what Jesus was saying because saying you were the Son of God meant that you were saying you were equal to God, took Jesus before the Roman government and asked that He be crucified. The governor at the time, Pilate, interogated Jesus and even warned Jesus that if He did not speak up and defend Himself that He could be put to death on the cross.

    So Jesus had a choice. Say "No, no, just kidding, I am not the Son of God" and be let go, or hold to His claim and be severly flogged and then nailed to a Roman cross until dead.

    What would you do? Hold to your claim or tell a "lie" and live to fight another day?

    Jesus could have easily said "sorry, just kidding" and then explain to His followers that he needed to save His life by lying so He could continue to teach against the Jews and then assure His followers that He is the Son of God like He said He was. This is how powerful cult leaders operate throughout the world, they do whatever it takes to stay alive and keep their power and influence over the people. Being dead gains them nothing, they love and need the power!

    So what would you do? Even if you believed something in your own heart, would you allow strangers to beat you and nail you to a cross if all you had to do to be let go is to tell a lie and they will let you go. I bet you have told a lie already at sometime in your life just to get out of trouble

    All Jesus had to do is tell Pilate that He was not a King and was not the Son of God. Pilate would have let Him go for Pilate was looking for a reason to let Jesus go because Pilate said he could find no fault in Him. The Jews demanded that Jesus be crucified and Jesus would not recant any of the claims laid against Him.

    The evidence actually points to a man determined to do just as He said He was going to do from the beginning, that is teach the people the way to God in heaven and then die for the sins of the world. All God asked is that you accept the free gift and believe.

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    You talk big, you try to put others on the spot to glorify yourself.  When one stands up to big talkers such talkers  are always the first to lie, to back down, to run.   Even Simon denied Jesus three times. Talk is always cheap when one is confident one will never to prove it.  And seeing as you will never have to face Crucifixion, I mark you the same by your arrogant talk. 


    I see you are still using the "strawman" approach. It is to easy to detect. Try to stay with the actual facts spoken and you will not be guilty of bearing a false witness before God.

    Who would lie to receive torture and death?

    Would you lie to be crucified?


    I wouldn't die for a lie, and don't think most people would either.


    I'd lie through my teeth.

    So you would lie so you could be tortured and crucified?

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