A question for homosexuals?

    In another thread I have been having a dialogue with Colleen, a homosexual who basically hates what Jesus Christ taught. From our conversation I gather that she has had bad experiences with people who call themselves christians condemning her to hell for her sexual behavior. Now I have tried to explain to her that this condemnation speach from these so called christians is not representative of what Jesus Christ said or taught His followers to say.

    Here is my question for those homosexuals who find themselves detesting Christianity or Jesus Christ or Christians. Why would you hate a man, Jesus, who has defended you against those who would want to condemn you to death or hell for your sexual behavior?

    The Jews brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus and asked Him to judge her. He replied to them "you who is without sin cast the first stone". They all dropped their stones one by one and walked away. Jesus looked at her and said, "...hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more."

    Jesus also said, "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:"

    Jesus also said, "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved."

    So these are Jesus' actual words defending you and instructing His followers to NOT condemn you either. So why detest a very influential man of history who has defended you against condemnation for a sin whether it be perceived or real??

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    This makes sense,no one is perfect and one should not condemn another,I have never understood homosexuality,but I don't have to accept a lifestyle I choose not to live,on the other hand I have never condemned or disliked someone because they chose this type of lifestyle either,I have a family member now who I think is in the closet,I just want her to know I love her no matter what(always).It's not my job to judge her,my job is to love her.

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    jesus loves the sinners not the sin

    I am a gay woman who thinks that Jesus was a wonderful man and a wonderful son of God, just as Buddah and Mahammhad were wonderful sons of God. We are all sons and daughters of God. I do not hate Jesus, what I hate is the PEOPLE who try to condemn me because of my choices. They are not God. What also is aggravating is when they quote Bible quotes at me -- to me the Bible is not THE word of God. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many religions, each saying they are the right ones ---- I believe no religion has all the truth -- but what underlies religions are love, patience, tolerance etc. THAT is what is important. To me the Bible is no more representative of God's word as my sisters book on the Easter Bunny is a true representation of the Easter Bunny. ----------------------- It is unfortunate that some "Christians" look at homosexuals like they would look at the dog poop on the bottom of their shoe ------- That is what I hate.


    You are right with placing the quotes on "Christian". Anyone calling themselves a Christian and at the same time would look upon a homosexual as dog poop has exposed themselves as a liar. Only those who do and say what Jesus did and said are true Christians. This in no way means that Christians are perfect as Jesus is, we still have sins in our lives, however, we do not hate anyone.

    I never said I hated what Jesus taught. Please don't be so liberal in how you recount my feelings of the bible. I said, I do not accept the bible as the word of God. I've also answered your charge previously that I hate Jesus. I do not hate Jesus. That is your own personal conclusion based on what your bible tells you about people who do not believe he was son of God who then became God. I feel neither love not hatred for him. Your claim is that if I do not love him, then I must hate him for the bible tells you so. I feel nothing for him. Period.

    It seems your fight is with the fanatical Christians more than it is with homosexuals Fog since they are the ones who persist in twisting all that Jesus supposedly said to justify their own bigotry. Call them out, not the homosexuals who have been abused, mistreated and killed because of the religious fanatics open intent to use the bible as a weapon against those they do not agree with.



    I'll think about it. But I've even seen some Christians claim that the bible was written by men long after Christ died so the bible is not to be taken literal in all of it's messages. This is how they get away with cherry picking.



    In my research I found that in all actuality, the new testament took over 1000 years to complete. It was John's letters that were written approx 40 years after Christ.



    Ahh, my bad...I was thinking bible when I wrote that, not new testament. The entire bible, old testament and new took some 2000 years to complete though I have seen where others claim only 1600 years.

    As for the letters of John, my memory said 40 but I couldn't be sure if it was off by some years and was too tired to look it up again. So I put approx.


    Good post Colleen.

    I do call these wolves in sheeps clothing out and will declare to them the very words of Christ to expose them.

    Neither do not call homosexuals condemned for Jesus Christ whom I follow did not and instructed me to not condemn anyone either.

    I just want you to know that the Catholic church does not represent the holy bible very well and they sure do not practice what they preach. Look at the Preisthood abuses of children. These preist are agents of satan, not of God, neither are they truly Christian.

    There are also agents of satan in the protestant churches as well.


    I would love for you to read and learn just the gospel of John sometime even though you do not believe it is the word of God just so you can hold these so called Christians accountable when they claim to be of Christ and do not the things that He said to do. You could really put them in their place. Rather than argue with them that the bible is bull, put it in their face what Jesus taught and expose them for being phoney christians. If you know what Jesus said you could really shut their mouths when they get ignorant or hateful.


    It is true that the NT bible as we have it was written some twenty to fifty years after the death of Jesus. But we believe that God spoke to these men by the Holy Spirit to write and record what they have witnessed as well as experienced concerning Jesus Christ.

    The uniqueness of the NT bible is that it is 27 different letters actually, some quite short, penned by seven different men, all declaring that Jesus was indeed who He said He was. None of these men gained anything but persecution and pain for what they wrote and taught concerning Jesus.


    As for the "cherry pickers", true Christians accept all twenty seven letters as the very words of God and view them as the full counsel of God's word on all matters concerning Jesus Christ and Christian living. Don't let them get away with "cherry picking". Either they accept it all or none.


    Not sure where you found this. The latest letter in the NT is Revelation written by John in his later years. Date is projected to be between 90 and 96 AD some 50-60 years after the death of Jesus in AD32. All other letters predate this letter. All of the NT was written and completed within 60 years after Jesus' death and has been preserved unaltered through thousands of copies ever since in the original Greek language. From these thousands of copies preserved hundreds of different language translations have been made. The NT was written and completed by these 7 men within a span of 60 years.


    When I read your post earlier my first thought was "she must be thinking about the entire bible OT and NT". Scholars place the writing of John's gospel A.D. 80-85 and his three short letters (1John, 2John, 3John) A.D. 85-95 and Revelation A.D. 90-96.

    The letter of 1John is fantastic! It is all about love and it declares that those who SAY the are Christians and hate people are liars and spiritual muderers.


    Wow, I wish we could edit in this area. That is murderers, not muderers.


    "I just want you to know that the Catholic church does not represent the holy bible very well and they sure do not practice what they preach. Look at the Preisthood abuses of children. These preist are agents of satan, not of God, neither are they truly Christian."

    You stated this and,

    "There are also agents of satan in the protestant churches as well."

    How convenient?
    Think deeper and speak wisely.

    How many priests are there in the world? You are talking about very few ones who committed sins. There are so many respectable priests out there in the world who follow the life of Jesus. Don't try to convince someone with faulty statement.

    Why is it that whenever Catholic priests do something wrong, it becomes a social issue? Catholicism is the oldest and biggest religion among Christian churches, means the church with authority. If one pastor of Protestant church rapes a boy, it only would show on local news, not national or world news. Think about it and find your answer.

    How did you get Catholic church do not practice what they preach?
    I know one for sure. Catholics do not go around knock neighbor's door to preach like you do. Is that it?

    Glenn, were you or were you not BORN heterosexual? Weren't you just attracted to women without giving it a second thought or did you actually sit on the playground and decide if you were going to "like" being with girls or "like" being with boys?
    Come on, people are born that way. I'm a heterosexual female who did not have to sit and ponder and decide who I was attracted to. I automatically was attracted to men. No questions asked, no confusion about it. It just was. It works the same way with homosexuals. It's what is in their brain from birth. Put down your bible and think logically with the same brain that helped you determine what sex of the human race you were going to love and be with in this life and stop judging others. They don't judge you for liking the opposite sex, so don't judge them for liking the same sex. They will, all by themselves, judge you for being closed-minded and ignorant.

    Homosexuals need to wise up. They know what is right or wrong. They were not born that way. You need someone to help you study the King James Version of the Bible.


    "You need someone to help you study the King James Version of the Bible" ... And you need someone to help you develop a back bone to think for yourself and not what you're told to think and how to live. I have nothing against Christians but when it comes to putting down people who are gay I can't help but think you'll never have an open mind and think logically. Hopefully parents start letting their children think and choose for themselves instead of brainwashing them. A child will believe anything you tell them, especially if you tell them day after day and year after year.



    As long as you don't make me study it with this woman!
    "That in one cute animal!! Yes, lift our hands to praise our Lord Jesus who created mankind and this beautiful slow loris!! biggrin

    So who in the classroom did not know Jesus created mankind and animals? I was always taught God created all and Jesus came eons after all was created. See how mixed up people get when you take a man and make him a God then make the claim he is God Himself? I think God Himself might still be a bit annoyed with that one.



    Glenn, were you ever homosexual? Of course you weren't. It's the only way you can make a claim like that and believe it to be fact.



    "Having an open mind can lead to disaster."

    Wow, best explanation I've ever seen as to why bigots are so close minded. Not that I'm calling you one : )


    Ash you said, "Hopefully parents start letting their children think and choose for themselves instead of brainwashing them. A child will believe anything you tell them, especially if you tell them day after day and year after year."

    Why is it wrong to murder, steal, lame another, disobey parents or teachers? Says who? Is teaching a child that these things are wrong brainwashing the child?


    FRIENDOFGOD you make a very good point,it is our jobs as parents to instill what is right,maybe they want us to tell are kids to run wild, but there are consequences for wrong doings and bad lifestyle choices,Jesus told us what he wants point blank,as he said if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my father.Having an open mind can lead to disaster.

    If you guys are right, then you have nothing to fear. If Jesus is right, then those who reject Jesus as God's One and Only Son will not see eternal life, for the wrath of God remains upon them. I trust the testamony of Jesus Christ and His apostles as recorded for us in a history book backed by hundreds of prophecies come true. And you guys are trusting in what?? Your emotional feelings?? I will stay with the reality of the historical record and it's proofs through prophecy that it must be from God.

    You would think Jesus would be loved by those who feel condemned by others.

    Jesus defended you, why detest Him?

    If I'm wrong it won't matter either way will it. Still the offer still stands seek me out. least we can do is have a glass of spiritual cheer.

    Colleen this is just for you. God gave us all free will. Free will to be who we want to be, think what we want to think, love who we want to love, be homosexual, lesbian, bi sexual, believe in whatever we want to believe in, worship him or not. He gave you, me and everyone who is judging you this right. All he asks is that at sometime in your life you ask this question. Do you really exist. That's it. Nothing else. Well he might just ask that on your death bed you call out to him to forgive you. What do you have to lose. Nothing. But just supposing we are right. What will you gain. Eternal life. so in a hundred years from now when everyone who currently stands on this earth are dead seek me out in Heaven and we can have a good laugh about all this. In the mean time enjoy your life, be true and loyal to yourself and who ever you love. God Bless. Rushie.



    Thank you Rushie. I do believe in God, just not the Jesus/god of the NT. I will not be asking for forgiveness on my deathbed as I have and will have nothing to be forgiven for. I exist as soul, a particle of God, to IT I will return once I'm purified which could take many lifetimes. Through reincarnation, I already have eternal life. I'm very sure of my beliefs and have no reason or need to question them by pretending to be Christian like a lot do just to cover my azz in case I'm wrong. What if you are wrong? Do you have a fall back plan?



    I'm sure you don't because like me, you whole heatedly believe in your faith as much as I believe in my spiritual path.


    I think you may find colleen has left the building as she was sick of people getting at her cannot say I blame her for leaving very unfair of you all cant we talk about anything else subject getting boring.

    i dont really care what jesus ,or the bible or anyone else says about my life .i live it as i want to.

    as long as your not bothering anyone else dont worry too much about jesus-he will forgive even the un forgivable-live and let live those are words to live by

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