HEY COLLEEN JUST SAW YOUR NEW ICON (I guess that's what it's called...not too computer literate here!) NOW YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL "MOD" guessing that what your new nickname shall now officially be!

    Will check out the blog if I can find it......sorry, folks I know this is not a question.....merely my way of responding to an old friend here on site...(:

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    Hiya Hipster :)

    Please, lets not be calling me Mod, lol. I'm not the only mod, take a look at Yvonne, she's got one too ;) The admins call it a badge.

    You can find the blog here >>

    Good to see you my friend. Hope you're feeling well and having a good day (((hugs)))

    ole hipster

    Slow ya' kid!.(:

    the mod squad... always looking for link  !!

    ole hipster

    You all make me laugh so much and make my day!

    laughter is the best medicine even if you not sick of my jokes.

    Whoooooooo sounds like a "Mod?" daren, ole hipster. Colleen Really is one. So is Yvonne. She sits at her typewriter quietly watching whatever Mods watch.  Take a look for yourself.

    ole hipster

    How ya' doing itsmee.....(:

    I miss your writing. I'm kind of giving up on the site. My computer is broken ( or something) Oh, Ah'll be bach ...

    But I think you sound like a "Mod"... LOL

    ole hipster

    Yup!'re just as crazy as the rest of us folks....peace, love and happiness to you also my buddy!.(:

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