Does anyone else think the layout of this message board is confusing?

    I been on other boards that place the last post first so when you click on you do not have to click again to the last page or find the page you were answering to. I probab;y won't stay too long here, it needs some work. All post should run consecutively and from newest to oldest and one should not have to search for the page they were posting on.

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    i can see how it could be confusing to the newcomers.......there is no instructions on how to use this sight, you just need to be patient and keep at it........we vetrans already went through all the changes since it started, so we could, and maybe should help the new people past the more difficult "begining"........did that make any sense?.....just a thought!

    Just click on ask a question and it takes you back to the top ,i.e. newest posted.

    Yes, it's the worst!

    Yes. I agree this siteis confusing. I can't tell when my question has been received, and I can't tell when it has been answered.
    Your comment has been removed because

    1) It made no sense and had nothing to do with the question.

    2) There was no reason to call anyone here an idiot.

    3) Treat people as you would have them treat you.

    Have a good day : ) Admin

    Well said.

    I have no problem at all with the site.

    No, I mean when you click on a topic it always begins with the oldest post and you have to click again to the last page. Then you might have to find the page that has the latest replies in. It could be any page.

    When I asked a question I got no answer not even we do not know

    I know what you mean lonesome sailor (now that is a contradiction in terms) but we answer the questions we can and those we can`t we leave alone as it would mean sending a pile of "don`t knows". Also if we send don`t know someone else who does know might see you have had a answer and not click onto your question. Do you get my drift? Ask your question again attention peoplelover and I will try to answer.

    this is confusing



    It is confusing because the question was asked 5 months ago and the answers range from then until yours, which was 5 minutes ago.
    The format of this site has changed a couple times since the original question.
    Welcome to the site.

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