I stopped smoking and have started seems all the time. Why is this???and for how long??

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    If the cough lasts too long, go see the doctor.  I don' t mean to scare you but my dad started coughing a lot and we thought it was from his cold and him being a smoker too. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. 

    Now that you've quit smoking, start taking care of yourself.  Now go and make that appointment with your doctor!

    1) Nicotine relaxes your throat muscles so you actually cough less while smoking.

    2) Your lungs are getting better oxygen now. Oxygen is a natural healer so it is working on removing the impurities from your lungs. The coughing helps to bring this up.

    3) If the cough becomes unbearable, see a doctor.

    4) I am not a doctor.

    When you stoop smoking, your lungs are going to want to get all that junk out and it takes a while of coughing to get it out. This take a while and you are going to have funny taste in your mouth and you skin will smell of smoking (shower often) but all of this is temporary, it will go away as will your cravings...

    I'm on day six with no butts and it Sucks. Not sure if I can/want to do this. I had a bad cough for about four months. I attributed it too allergies. My doc said I have chronic  bronchitic. Taking meds now for the cough. Also found out that I have asthma. I always experienced shortness of breath on occasion, but assumed it was due to my being shot in the chest several times which caused me to have most of my right lung removed. See a doctor for the correct diagnosis. Good luck with your smoking.

    GOOD FOR YOU THAT YOU HAVE STOPPED SMOKING!  DON'T GO BACK!!!!  I have no better answer than you've received, but want to encourage you to continue your recovery.  Let us know when you notice the coughing subside. 

    Yes same thing happened to me, stick with it. You will feel much better eventually,and you will probably live longer. I stopped ten years ago and now I wonder why I ever smoked in the first place. 

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