how much money do you need for happiness?

    how much money do you need for happiness?

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    Having enough money to never have to worry about money again, will only help you reduce money related stress, which is many of our problems.

    The only problem with this like many above have wisely stated, is that money can never truly make a person happy. Sometimes when you have a lot of money it only adds a lot of responsibility. The more money you have, the more you invest to get more, there is never a certain amount that can completely satisfy.

    In some cases it will cause less stress, but probably in most it only causes more. It does give a certain amount of freedom to the person, yet it enables them to be involved in many more projects, that demand much more of your time.

    I suppose it's a double edged sword, it helps and hurts. I don't believe that you could determine any one specific amount, everyone would have their own figure. Happiness can't be bought, and it comes from within a person.
    money talks ,mine always says goodby
    Money can't buy happiness, but it sure would make me feel good if I could go around the world handing it out to the truly needy.
    Money will never buy you happiness try Jesus......
    250.000 USD. Want build my house :)
    I'm happy now. But more might be nice.
    Money is a wonderful tool, the more I have the more good I can do, and that would make me happy spending it!!!
    As long as I can poay my bills and not worry when the next one comes I am happy. BUT if any of you would like to send me a little extra that will be very nice lol
    Enough to pay off my debts and about $100,000 in the bank.
    Seriously speaking, while avoiding all the (money can't bring you happiness blahblahblah)
    I think 20 thousand would be enough right now, it would do me so good as i can travel around to where i want to and from there i can finish my research and make it as original as the place is, then after that, i'll be wining tons of prizes, and that overall would make my life's path easier instead of waiting for the long one, so yes, in some ways it is going to bring me happiness if i had enough now.
    $2 Million Dollars.
    that's enough to retire
    money may not bring happiness but surely brings comfort.
    priceless, your state of mine is happiness, can't be touch, offered or given though money is good too
    i think money is need not satisfaction for love . relatives and friends are more important . Love can not be calculated by money .Love is feeling which is express by person to person like mother to his or her daughter or son , wife to husband etc it is a peacefull sole which is full of love and postive energy
    You don't need money at all to be happy. You could live in the wilderness. Hunt and farm. Many people do this in fact.

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