How to tighten up face wrinkles

    I am older and have a few wrinkles

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    Few wrinkles can be easily covered by following a good skincare routine. You should cleanse your face the very moment you come back from sun. Use a moisturizer to retain the smoothness and softness of your face.

    If surgeries and laser treatments suits your budget go for it to reduce wrinkles. if you want affordable and safer method go green and natural.

    There are many over the counter treatments like anti-aging products that are available online. Check it out here:

    Other than plastic surgery, I don't believe you can. They have products on the market that are available from plastic surgeons offices like Obagiderm/Nuderm products but they are quite expensive & I am not so sure they really help. If you want to use a product, try the Olay Regenerist line. It is much less expensive & has very good reviews. Aside from purchasing the Olay line at Walmart, you can try Ebay for the best price, but make sure the products are current & not old stock/packaging as old products loose their effectiveness. Aging sucks!

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