Do you love Jesus?

    Do you love Jesus? Or hate Jesus? Why?

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    Hey brother Double! I need you to help me understand you here. You're saying Jesus is the messenger of God and then say you don't agree with Him?????

    The testimonies (bible) written by the disciples of Jesus and the apostles of Jesus say that he is the Son of God. So I need you to help me out here with your thinking.


    I love Jesus! He is the Son of God, and my savior.


    of course I LOVE HIM. he is the messenger of God and my saviour :) sorry for the input but i just can't agree that god has a 'son', afterall he is GOD. although i am a christian also, Peace and love to all :)


    great question Fog TU ;)


    Hello Friendofgod :)
    I just don't agree with the fact that god has a SON. I believe in him and love him as a beautiful messenger of god, not his son, i don't believe that god can have children, god is god , the idea of him having a partner or a human son is just out of the line absurd, due to the knowledge that i have gained, i think those apostles can write whatever they wanted to believe in a book, had it been ever confirmed BY JESUS that he said, 'i'm the son of god' the answer is No, only what is written in the books by humans like us. i have had this debate with my parents, relatives and such who are 'full' christians, they told me to believe in what i believe and that's what i'm doing :D

    Greetings Doublehelix,

    It doesn't really make sense what you posted. How can you believe Jesus is a beautiful messenger from God and then say you do not believe His message?

    Jesus didn't personally by His own human hand pen any letters found in the Bible or anywhere else. These letters are the testimonies of those who walked and talked with Him. Are you saying that you believe some of what these Apostles wrote about Jesus but not all? The Apostles testified that Jesus said He is the Son of God sent from God the Father to teach us and save us from our sins. If you do not believe this testimony then how do you expect to enter into the presence of a Holy God having sin on your record?

    You can certainly believe whatever you want just like your family has said, however, if the testimonies in the Bible are true, anyone who does not receive Jesus Christ as Lord will not be saved and your beliefs will have been in vain.


    OHH LORD...ere we go again!!:-z

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    If you are a Christian, why would you not love the son of God who died on the cross to give all of us sinners eternal life in heaven! What would be any reason to hate Jesus? Even if you do not believe in Christ, he never committed any act that would cause someone to hate him.


    Why do people hate Him? All He ever did was show love and compassion.


    What is not to LOVE?


    Good question!


    You should ask it?

    I LOVE JESUS for the bible tell me so,I try to say the word not exactly quote,but try anyway,"Jesus said if you acknowledge me here now,I will not denied you before my Father in heaven".

    Yes I love Jesus very very much. I am a christian and I just know it is true he really cares for me even when no one else does. But yes I truly love Jesus very very much.

    I love Jesus. Without Him I would have no hope. He died for all of us. For those who hate Him He loves you to. He said on the cross " Father forgive them for they know not what they do "


    Yes I do Love Him and will FOREVER!!!

    I love Jesus because I know HIM. No reason to love someone you don't know. The secret is to get to know HIM. You do that on your knees and asking Him to show you that He exists. Thats all I can tell you. Seek and ye shall find. Resist seeking and what you have is a livelong existence based on self reliance , which is a lie. You can not avoid the torment of the tug, but you can reject God. One is not capable of living a life of peace and joy without God. Its your choice.


    And for those people that don't believe in "JESUS" there really saying that Jesus died in vain,which is a direct insult to God His father.You'd already condemn yourself by not believing the word of JESUS.

    Why do you people ask this same or similar questions time after time? You know you all love Jesus, are you trying to prove to each other? I just don't get it. Isn't religion something you hold in your heart and soul? Why must you prove constantly to each other your faith in Jesus? yes, I believe but in my faith, we hold his name to our hearts and soul, no real need to prove to each other that we haven't had a backslide. Jesus knows you love him, sorry, I just don't get it. I am not talking down to you i am only wanting to understand. A conscious effort to understand your thinking. Thanks! :


    Vinny, I believe you are reading too much into the question. The question was meant to engage people's minds as to their views about Jesus and why.


    Umbriel, No, I really am not talking down to them at all, if I come off that way its only because there's no other way I am aware of that one could ask this question without appearing like its condescending. I mean, i see post after post of one Christian asking another.. "do you have jesus, do you believe' etc. Why this constant support for each other.. I am American, you are Brit, I don't ask every American I see.. "are you American?" I do not believe you ask everyone you see if they are Brits.. It's that constant recharging of their faith that actually makes me think they are in fear.

    hi  i love jesous iam not a crstion or a cathlic iam a muslim we beleve in jeous we call he a profet the mesenger from god the all mighty praise to the king of heven and earth


    SPOT ON!!:-)
    Oh Yes!!Love your question,and so does the Lord.Thank You for talking about Him.To bad others cant embrace him.
    Love You and God Bless

    He loved me first and paid my debt of rebellion against God. YES I love Him, He set me free from my sins and sinful nature. Thank You Jesus Christ!

    strong text Well, God is my Father, Jesus is his Son ,,, and the Holy Spirit is a part of them ,,, "They" are all my BEST BUDS ,,, without "Them" I would be so "CRAZY" !!!!! ,,,, smile.

    Typical fundamentalist question, let us not dirty up Religion by using ti to represent Religion, as in my House there are many mansions! If it were not so I would have told you :)


    Great passage Galbalis! I love to see Jesus' words quoted to affirm a point.

    John chapter 14 is the scripture you reference and in the same breath Jesus ended this passage with these words...

    Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    A point I have made several times and get cursed for.

    I can not love someone I have never met.


    You can meet Him Ashligh! Read the gospel of John.

    Who wrote and I quote"the bible is not a historical record"? THE BIBLE IS NOT AN HISTORICAL RECORD!!!!
    Do some homework friend; The Bible is the ONLY historical record that can trace mans origins back to GOD! Please don't be swayed by that man Attenborough with all his degrees (he is dying by degrees) and false teachings about evolution and this and that are billions of years old. What tripe! The people of his persuasion have hardened their hearts and unless they change, their destination is set, mores the pity.
    Did you hear about the man who took a dog leg in to be cabon dated? The results being that the bones were at least two thousand years old. which was amazing as the dog was still alive. The man had baked the bones and treated them to age them, what a joke!
    Yes I love Jesus! why wouldn't I when He has forgiven me the things I have done in my life and continues to do so, for I am not perfect as He is perfect.

    He said some very un-Christian things eg: Matthew 10:34, Mark 6:11, Luke 14:26.
    Inconsistent IMHO


    How could the very Christ be accused of saying unChrist things?

    Mat 10:34 ¶ Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    And we see the divisions Jesus' words have created in this world.

    Bottom line, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and are justified freely through faith in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross of Calvery for the redemption of mankind.

    Why would you hate Jesus?.. even Bush would say he loves Jesus. But that's because he's dead, and poses no threat to the evil that lurks here. :P


    Do you love Jesus?


    "If he was real"?? How do you know George Washington was real? Do you reject historical records?



    Actually, all 66 books of what makes up the bible is all recorded history spaning over some 3-4000 years. Can you give me a few names of historical scholars, even unbelievers if you like, who would declare that it is not? Are you sure you really investigated this position you hold or is it just something you would like to be true?


    Friendofgod, you make such an awesome point,thank you.(Jesus is love)


    If he was real, then definitely. But I don't subscribe to any religion.


    For probably the one millionth time in history, the bible is not a historical record. IF Jesus was real, then he was worthy of a bow.

    i BELIEVE that Religion is a personal thing...I keep mine to myself..mostly!..Not for point scoring!:-0...(Nb...that is not to say that I DIS those who do....I just don`t like questioning on religion or preaching)!:-(

    I can't love even Jesus


    Jesus loves you, he created you, he knows everything about you. If you seek Him he will be found. Call on Him and see what happens.

    If I had the capacity to love that I so desire, that love would be for Him.

    Hey Shelly53. I geuss you know that the word "freakin" is a standin for the other "F" word don't you?
    Have some patience for the young and young at heart and the newly saved. Be happy for them that at least they want to speak about Jesus. It's a lot better conversation topic than I have heard some of my grandchildrens friends talk about when they dont realise I can hear them.
    Let me leave you with a great saying. "Character is who you are when no-one is looking". But then someone is always watching, isn't He?


    Indeed, ceebee Indeed. Also a persons words are always a reflection of "Inner Character." Who or what resides within.

    who is Jesus?!

    Bush? who cares what Bush thinks, that fool, using an excuse of fake WMD's to brute his way into Iraq, to finish Daddy's war, now were in a pickle, doing I dont know what in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the Taliban all over the place, and now with the fall of north african governments, i.e., egypt, libya, (Ghadaffi had it coming) and tunisia, were in a hot mess for sure. Gee, Bush, thanks for the used up surplus that president clinton left and cheney, well, mister, you can just go to hell s omewhere in the old boy's network fire and brimstone place.

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