how do you wet cure+dry cure ham

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    look here>>>

    I cured hams by a method I learned as a child. 7 pounds of salt, 2 pounds of sugar, and 2 ounces of black pepper. Mix up 100 pounds of the mix at those measures. Take chilled meat, hams,  loin and bacon and pack the mix around all of the pieces that are bulk cut, not sliced. Pack it into a wooden box without pieces touching other pieces. Store this in a cool cellar and let it remain there for 6 months.

    After 6 months remove all meat from the box and rub the salt mix off. Hang the meat in a smoke house set up to provide cold smoke ( 40F or less in winter months) a slow fire or burner is required. Use fruit or nut wood for fuel and smoke it slowly for 8 days.

    Then bag all the meat in separate white linen or cotton bags. Then store in a cellar for up to three years. Any meat you choose to use will need to be soaked in fresh water for three days prior to consumption. The only exception to this last part of the process is if you are seasoning a pot of beans or peas  requiring hours to simmer, A small portion no larger than a ½ cup. This recipe  has been used since long before refrigeration and likely contributed to early death from excess salt in the diet.       

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