Anybody have a garden this summer , any good tips for growing tomatoes.

    Living in west texas now . Sandy soil..

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    My water temperature is 34F until mid July. So I have to heat water via solar to 75F. The Ph of rain water is 5.5 but my tap water Ph is 7.8 . My water has too much lime in it. I plan to distill my garden water via solar. Plants prefer rain water. My ground has so much sand and gravel in it that if a watering hose is laid on the ground the only spot that will get wet is where the water is pouring out of the hose. So I laid 6 mill black plastic out on the leveled ground and loaded in ~4" of topsoil. The plastic keeps the water in and helps to keep my water bill low. I'll likely garden in a hydroponic greenhouse this summer.

    Nope not a gardener or yard work person. But you can send me some of the fresh tomatoes when you get them grown I love fresh good tomato sandwichs......

    I agree with paitou, you need to build up the soil, cow manure is a good builder BUT be sure it is dry it will burn the plants if not. Seedlings are the way to go,seeds are ok but take a little longer to fruit plus the ants take them for food.I have heard if you plant marigolds (the flower) near the tomatoes the bug stay away, have not done it but could well be because marigolds pong a bit.


    Forgot one thing , should use a water holding product in the sandy soil we have several different variants including one called "Solid Water" which has water holding crystals in a small bag. The idea is you but a couple of the bags in the ground near each plant having first soaked the bag in water. The crystals soak up and hold the water which the plants use and each time you water the crystals are refilled so saving water and extending the period between watering.

    As far as I have read, tomatoes suck lots of nutrients out of the soil they grow in, so if you have sandy soil (which is rather poor in nutrients), you might want to upgrade it with a mix rich in hummus. Also, you will need to apply fertilizer like every two weeks (a friend of mine makes her own, 100% natural fertilizer - it sort of stinks, but the plants adore it). Improving the soil's quality is also important under the aspect of watering. Tomatoes like it hot, but they also need lots of water. Sandy soil doesn't retain much water, it just filters through to lower layers of the ground. Depending on the breed you are going to plant, you will also need something for the plants to cling to, and make sure they get enough sunlight.

    I have never grown tomatoes myself, but actually the idea seems quite appealing to me. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


    add clay to your soil and any compost ,food scraps leaves grass or lawn cutings to build up the soil ferteliser will help after to put in n p k which are essential for plants to grow. the soil should be prepared well before the growing season.seedare best put in a small pot with sandy loam soil cover the seeds 1-2 mm 1/8 inch keep moist transplant when 150mm 5 inch high bets time is late in the day ,dig small hole place seedling in hole add soil and press firmly around the plant water well . then water once a week soil must be very wet. if the weather is hot cover the plants with paper first two days. wooden stakes should be placed near the plants tie plants to stakes as they grow,not too tight.sulphor can be dusted to reduce fungi etc.plants shuld be 400 mm 16 inch apartand rows wide enough so you can walk through to pic the crop.shallow trench can be used for watering over head watering may cause fungi etc.row best run north south.need full sunlight.some varieties sweeheart can be growen in pots. hope this is of help bob klemzig south australia

    alot of fertilizer i find wks well also my grandmother was a great gardner and i remember her putting used coffee grounds and egg shells around the botttom only water in the evening after the sun hits them all day good luck i plan to have a small garden this yr love it!

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