Why do we need health insurance companies

    I would rather send the money i spend on health insurance to a hospital system to take care of my needs. I think they could control costs that way. Get rid of the insurance companies.

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    Need to get rid of the frivolous lawsuits and the lawyers that create them.


    no body wants to do the simple thingslike control lawsuits to many schools shittingout lawyers

    Some sort of "health insurance" is needed to make sure that all folks can get care regardless of income. In the US, our commercial insurance has the flaws that "Freedom Fighter" mentioned, and our former President's comment that "anyone can go to the Emergency Room" puts an untenniable burden on public facilities, not just because of trivial visits, but because people very badly need to practice preventive medicine. A mixed 'single payer' and 'Voluntary paid insurance' system such as Austrailia's is a good alternative. Medical people, including hospital staff and also 'non-traditional' providers such as Natropaths and Chiorpractors or Accupuncturists should be covered by both. One solution would be to require ALL health service providers (Includes nurses, lab folks, and medical specialty staff of all sorts) to serve two years of public service at civil service pay. They would be the core of public health. They would then have the option of private practice, or staying in the public system which would have some sort of progressive merit based pay


    Well said Sandy, our Australian system is flawed but compared to some others is a reasonable compromise. We have some not for profit health funds but the staff have to be paid so heaps goes there.


    Everyone gets emergency care is there regardless, we have the illegals that use it for a cold. Socialized medicine here in the usa would stifle the great doctors to become mediocre doctors as their salary would be capped. No need to be the best in your field. No gain. Who would want to be a doctor? helping people? 'BS" tell a lawyer that he/she can only make a predetermined maximum amount on a case? Never happen. Socialized law? All cases are 'probono' - Are we talking about the same thing? LOL

    The problem is we have a transient population in all the developed nations so whilst in principal your idea is good it would be a problem for you should you move away from your present location even a holiday in another state. In Australia we have private cover (optional) plus a government tax to cover workers and their families plus those on government pensions. Going to a public (government) hospital is allegedly "free" but in reality the workers are paying, many who may never use it.The big problem is the waiting times , you can wait for 2yrs for eye surgery to remove cataracts in the public system. I had both eyes done privately and it cost me $A250 the remainder being paid by my insurance. I was operated on within 6 days of finding the need. My insurance covers me anywhere in Australia. We have recipricol rights in the U.K. from our Government cover.

    Good idea you have there that should cut health care by 1/3

    The problem with health insurance companies is that they, like so many other organizations, have become institutionalized. The purpose then becomes, not to provide equal availability of equitable health care, but to produce a profit for the shareholders of the health care organization. A large portion of the premiums for HMO's go to the salarys and bonuses for the top managers, and supporting the infrastructure of the institution, not to those who desperately need the health care. One thing people could do to reduce health care costs, is not run to the emergency room every time someone has a sniffle. Another would be to take good basic care of ourselves.

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