Why didnt obama and the democratic majority last year pass a budget for this year.

    Cause they didnt want to be the cause for the huge debt they would be in. they had the majority.

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    Great question. I wonder how the Democratic Party would answer it? If the press weren't so liberal, maybe some of them should hold these (all politicians) responsible to their actions, or in this case no action.

    The press has been so busy kissing the governments butt for the past 3 years, there is no actual reporting getting done, it's ridiculous. I would like to see the press hold all of the politicians responsible for letting the country get rundown into the pathetic condition it is in today.

    Notice I put all politicians into the same boat, I know there are some good ones in every group. But I agree it should have been taken care last year. Where was the media on this?

    Because Obama's NUMBER ONE objective was turning this country into a SOCIALIST STATE and a budget agreement was not on his agenda.

    Simply no one can agree on anything regarding financing the government except their respective paychecks.

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