What's the best way keep a drunk nagging mother from causing you to kill her?

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    well theres 2 things u can do 1 leave the house for a while when u come back she should be asleep ..or 2. get your own damned place

    Go to an AA meeting for support. Either Al-teens or spouses of or what ever fits your situation....

    al anon is good

    Move out  or get drunk with her   nagging won't hurt so bad then, if both  of you are drunk,   no I  'm just kidding  no easy answer to it.

    Do you want to spend 35 years in prison ?  I didnt think so.  I really cant give you a quick solve answer to that. Move in with a friend maybe.

    Why are you still living with your mother? Your obviously a drunk and need help, but you think your not an alcoholic, RIGHT? You know that acting like an asshole is normal, RIGHT? Drink more and drink more often. The sooner you hit bottom, the sooner you may want to return to the world of sanity. Hope your mother throws you out of the f**king window.

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