I just discovered Macro Evolution and Darwin was right!

    And to the rest of the evolutionists and Darwinists: APRIL FOOLS!
    Another inspired word from your creator.

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    Did you not know this is the Atheists holy holiday?


    That's kind of an oxymoron isn't it?

    Headless Man

    It sure

    The Mystery of the Empty Strata

    Another frustration for the poor evolutionist is the strange case of the empty strata. As one digs deep into the earth, one layer or stratum after another is revealed. Often we can see these layers clearly exposed in the side of a mountain or roadbed cut. Geologists have given names to the succession of strata which pile one on top of another. Descending into Grand Canyon for example, one moves downward past the Mississippi, Devonian, Cambrian, etc., as they have been tagged by the scientists.

    Now here is the perplexity for the evolutionists: The Cambrian is the last stratum of the descending levels that has any fossils in it. All the lower strata below the Cambrian have absolutely no fossil record of life other than some single-celled types such as bacteria and algae. Why not? The Cambrian layer is full of all the major kinds of animals found today except the vertebrates. In other words, there is nothing primitive about the structure of these most ancient fossils known to man. Essentially, they compare with the complexity of current living creatures. But the big question is: Where are their ancestors? Where are all the evolving creatures that should have led up to these highly developed fossils? According to the theory of evolution, the Precambrian strata should be filled with more primitive forms of these Cambrian fossils in the process of evolving upward.

    Darwin confessed in his book, Origin of the Species: "To the question why we do not find rich fossiliferous deposits belonging to these assumed earliest periods prior to the Cambrian system I can give no satisfactory answer...the case at present must remain inexplicable; and may be truly urged as a valid argument against the views here entertained." p. 309.

    How amazing! Darwin admitted having no way to defend his theory, but he still would not adjust his theory to meet the unanswerable arguments against it.

    Both the concept of evolution and the concept of special creation must be taken on faith. This is a free country; you can believe what you want to. What I want to know is why I have to pay for evolution to be taught in public schools as if it were fact, but no one would even consider teaching special creation? - In my opinion, Leeroy's opinion about biased opinions is correct.

    Cute cartoon Grit. The problem with evolution is all of the gaps and there are many. Also the evidence is viewed millions of years later. Unless you are there and can recreate it in a lab, it's not scientific proof. Depending on the scientists background they are viewing the fossil records and putting the evidence into the theory of their beliefs, there is not an unbiased system.

    The Creationist call this the evidence of a world wide flood described in the Bible. They draw from their background and beliefs as well, putting the evidence into proving their theory. They are bias as well. Everyone is bias, a bias determines what you do with your information.

    The real question is: Which bias is the best bias, with which to be biased?

    Grit Savage

    i have been on top of many mountains leeroy, and yes you can find fossils from an ancient seas! its from a process called plate tectonics! we live on an ever changing planetary surface! things come up as things go down!

    Grit Savage

    if you look at the evidence leeroy, you will find that the planet IS millions of years old!

    how old do you think it is?

    what evidence is there of the "biblical flood"? zero!

    would you call the boxing day tsunami or the latest in japan a "biblical flood"?

    remember leeroy, they didn't have instant communication and they were unaware of how big or even what shape the planet was, the world was a much smaller place!

    Grit Savage

    mate, i can see what you are saying and you are so wrong!
    after reading your answer regarding dinosaurs, you have convinced me of one thing! you are so deeply ingrained in your christianity that you are actually completely blind to what is rational and real!

    good luck with it all and have fun :-)

    Grit Savage

    still laughing randy :-)

    Headless Man

    Of course Grit is not so deeply ingrained in his faith of evolution. Still praying for you Grit. Love, Randy


    I suppose you have never been on a mountain top before? If you had been you would find fossils of clams, etc.etc., if you were to look for them. Most every major culture in the world has ancient manuscripts recording a world wide flood. Must just be another fairy tales? If you can prove there is an unbiased opinion out there I sure would like to see it.


    Yes if you believe this world is millions and millions of years old, you would put the evidence that you found, drawn from your background studies and beliefs, and added it as proof to the theory that you support. That my friend is a biased opinion, just like a creationist would consider it evidence of a flood, once again it is a biased opinion. You voted down my answer, what do you disagree with? There is no such thing as an unbiased answer, that's my point, prove it wrong.


    The evolution myth.


    check out the "scientific " theory of evolution, it is just a theory and a belief system, there is no scientific proof. Look up the definition of scientific proof in the dictionary, you have to witness it, recreate it. You have faith in you secular religion of evolution, just as I have faith in my Christianity. They are both beliefs. It's not science verses religion it is religion verses religion.

    Way to go Einstein....

    alt text

    Do you not realize that your efforts to find an intellectual path only proves that you fear God? Why does the anti-God crowd spend their lives seeking stones to prove that God does not exist?

    I have yet to meet an atheist who possessed the courage to approach the God of Abraham with an honest quest for truth. Be assurred that if you seek Him, evidence of His existence will be given. He is real, and through His Son Jesus, wants to share His magnificent love with you and all mankind.

    God is the 'Hound of Heaven' and we cannot outrun Him. He has a future for you; but you must turn and allow your heart and mind to ask the honest question; God if you exist, please show me. God bless you in the quest for truth.

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