where do I file a complaint regarding a business in Mendota?

    I slipped & fell at the Mendota Valley Food / 1840 7th Street Mendota,Ca on Sept/07/2011
    at 1700 hr. I was humuliated by the manager & he quickly told me that it was my fault because I
    didn't see the sign. No I didn't see it, but he never asked for my name or bothered to fill out an
    occurence report. I had a customer escort me to the Police Dept but was closed. I'm taking care my mom who has been very ill. What is the standard procedure when customers have a complaint?

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    There is a time frame for filling out injury complaints.  You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible especially if you hurt yourself.  I you did not hurt yourself, contact the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint through them.  You can also contact the city inspector if there was an incidence of neglect on their part as far as their building is concerned.  Good Luck.  yvonne57

    P.S. Don't sue if you did not hurt yourself.  There is too much of that going on and it's clogging up our judicial system for the wrong reason.

    Sorry to hear of your problems......generally you need an affadavit or two from an eyewitness to collaberate your story..the manager was obviously an brother is going through a similar ordeal here in Chicago....even though I did not think he should ever ride a motorcycle in this city he did and is now unfortunatley paying the price.....bless you and your Mother....thank you for taking care of her...I miss mine tremendously..(:

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