Does anyone have a wind turbine or solar panels. Do they work well for house

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    Man thats wonderful.


    I've had solar panels atop my home for several years. during the late spring to mid-fall months I have no electric bill.

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    I heard they work well, I'll let you know something later, I'm taking solar energy courses now. Learning a lot.


    well done spaceghost I think it is the way forward you would make big money in the uk as the goverment are paying you something towards it

    Thanks Mel, there are some GOOD paying jobs in solar technology and I plan to take advantage of that. I'm almost finished with the class.

    That's not all true originally solar panels were only for hot water replacing the gas or electric water heater. Just lately they have developed solar panels that can produce DC electric but not a real source of electricity. The photo voltic panels turns the sun rays quickly into electrical energy and with an inverter it can be taped into your utility line with the correct maga hertzs and feed into the grid a certain amount of electricity during the day that the utility company will pay you for it, you're selling electricity and that's how you save or if you have room on your roof you may produce 100% and go entirely free.


    Thanks Renny, Maybe I can check with you from time to time, you seem to have good knowledge about solar energy and I'm taking solar power courses, maybe you can help a fellow out.

    We have a mountain cabin with no access to power lines so we had to install alternative power. The initial set up is very expensive. $2400 for 4 solar panels, $9000 for batteries, and $3500 for a back up propane fueled 15K generator plus the cost of propane. All the equipment is high quality, esp. the batteries. The solar panels are good for ambient light, TVs, radio's, small water pump,etc. If you have to use a vacuum, hair dryer, microwave, griddle or other high energy appliance, you have to fire up the generator. If it is cloudy, you have to run the generator to keep the batteries charged. If someone forgets and leaves a bathroom light on or electric fan or even a night light, then your batteries run out before morning. I would not recommend anyone installing solar as their only source of power in a home because it is a never ending job to keep everything running and I doubt you would ever make up the difference of the initial costs.About the time you start to get even on the power bill, it is time to replace everything. A vacation home is a temporary inconvenience, but it would get old pretty quick in an every day situation. If they ever get power lines close to our cabin, I would switch over in a heartbeat.

    Good ques Zorro, I am interested too.

    Gary, where are you (relevent for performance according to climate) and what size do you have?

    Spaceghost, I would like more info too, if possible.



    Be glad to help.


    I'm in Sacramento, CA. I get sun directly starting in late April through mid October. I don't pay an electric bill from June through September. It automatically sends power back to the power company and generates electricity more than I use. It is now 10 yrs old and is still working well. My bill last month was $13+ for one month.

    I have had solar panels for only 6 mthe but my bill has dropped from $200 plus to $77 but I am in semi tropical area.

    Has any one installed and used a wind turbine to generate power for their home I live in a windy area and am interested in installing a turbine to perhaps sell power back to the power company.

    We don't have enough sun to have solar panels and sometimes there is no wind. I would like a wind turbine though. Just for my own power source if the other gets too high.


    Stop breathing on me!! Hot air.....


    Hey Lupe why don`t you get a wind turbine plus a big electric fan to blow the turbine?

    yeah 1.6 kw system , with the govt rebate i get 6--7 dollars a day ,my power costs are about 3-4 dolars so its money in the bank .would suggest it to everyone


    That's great, thanks username.


    Your 1.6 kw system is it a windmill or solar panel?

    I ahve small holding with generator no connection to grid, I have 12v system to cover fridge, lights and tv etc, and only use manins on generator as not sufficient power to rely on by the two solar panels and wind turbine... in windy summer I produce loads and dump it to 12v hot water heater in normal tank which warms water, however near xmas in uk when no sun and little wind then over few days batteries can start to fail and then there is never enough of either to boost them back up to full so over 3 months they run on empty and sometimes when generator on we need battery charger to boost so in the ideal place sun and wind great but in real life either loads or nothing... but if you have no grid 12v is comfortable for 24/7 with generator when needed.

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