whats it called?

    what is the piece of wood called thats on the wall, when you fix your curtain pole too?

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    The frame around the window/door is the architrave, the wood across the top of the window that is part of the frame and covered with the lining is a lintle, the upright parts of framing covered by lining are window studs.

    I think you mean a pelmet

    I put these bits of wood on the wall above my windows to attach the curtain poles, wen I went to buy them I used the small size skirting boards, and cut 2 size, especially good for old lathe and plaster walls in older houses, saves making holes all over the place looking for a solid bit of lathe to screw into.Hope this helps.

    not sure but there is a man on here who answers all diy subjects,ile try find im for ya,

    the there are multiple sheets of wood you put on the wall....i would say panelin?

    batten i asked a window fitter

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