What Are Some Signs Your Boyfriend Might Be Into His Good Friend (Girl)?

    We live together and he's known this girl for 7 years. They're parents are friends as well. We live in a different city then she does and they don't talk very much but when they do he seems chipper and upbeat. She's also asked him to get skype so they can talk while she's across the country. Is there a line being crossed here?

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    That's a hard one to answer. They could truly just be great friends and to start wedging in between the friendship could create issues with your relationship. Is he aware that you are feeling a bit insecure with it?How did they become friends? My only suggestion is to request that you be included in the relationship, like while he is on skype, you can join in on the conversation.Maybe a good talk with him about how you feel without making him think he can't be friends with her would help him understand where you are coming from.I do believe that men and women can be just least this is not hidden from you. I do understand your feeling this way but you might have to just accept the friendship.
    of course he's 'into' his "good friend"! Many of us are into our 'good friends' of the opposite sex Big Time, and will even be very chipper and upbeat when we talk with them! I would love to see all my friends who live far away, on Skype! It's healthy to have good friends of all ages and both sexes and so times you feel 'a line' is being crossed you gotta work out where the insecurity is coming from...because of him? or in yourself? to talk about it...all of these feelings are natural...but gotta be discussed if they're gnawing at you....
    Thanks guys. I think it's hard because I dont know her and since we live so far away I dont have the chance to get to know her. He knows how I feel but I think I've crossed the line too many times by getting mad at them just talking on the phone so now he's worried to even bring her up and gets mad at me for being insecure about it. I wish I could just live life with the whole "whatever happens happens" motto but I'm finding it hard to.
    Any advice or opinions would be helpful :-)

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