can i watch the eagles and rams game

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    Make sure you have a high speed internet connection. A high speed internet connection is a broadband connection and if you are still using dial up it is time for you to purchase a high speed connection. The difference in price is not great and it is a necessity to be able to watch live TV.

    Dial up connections cannot keep up with the speed that streaming video uses and will cause the game you are watching to freeze up and have several glitches, more than likely you will miss all the great plays.

    Install all necessary programs. You will need several media players to watch the NFL games live online. These media players include; Sopcast, TV Ants, TVU player. You cannot skip any of them you need all of them to watch NFL games online for free. TVU and TV Ants are both live internet TV broadcast platforms. Sopcast, is probably the most important of the three it is a live internet TV broadcast that uses per to peer (p2p) technology. This channel offers a wide range of live sports altogether.

    If you are having trouble using any of the downloaded sites then you can also try This site is used by NFL fans across the nation and is high quality and easy viewing.

    Log onto the "My P2P forum". Which you are logged into the forum you will need scroll down on the screen until you locate the link that says, "NFL + CFL + AFL". Once you locate the link, click on it, and it will take you to the next screen you need to be on. At the top of the next page you need to click on the link that says, ìToday's Games". Once you are inside this link you will see a list of all the games that are being played or will be played during the course of the weekend.

    This will show games that are playoff and preseason as well.

    Scroll through the list and find the NFL game you want to watch online. If you look to the right you will see a list of one or more links. Choose one of the links for the NFL game you want to watch and click on it, soon as you click it will open the media player your computer uses. The game will begin to play in a few seconds.

    You can go back and forth between games, you will just need to locate what other game you would like to watch.

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