What should this girl do?

    This girl is going out with my best friend, so naturally, i became friendly with her. But now her boyfriend is ignoring her. I talked to him, and he said he is not trying to ignore her. but when I passed by them today, he said that he didn't get why she was mad with him. even after ALL of that explaining. BTW, i suggested that she break up with him, but she really loves this guy, so obviously that's not gonna work. What should she do?

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    It's usually a bad to get involved in a friends relationship. If you tell her he's wrong for her they break up, then get back together, that will cause problems between all of you. Maybe they will wing up getting married someday and you will loose the friend forever? I once told a friends girl that he was cheating on her and I lost both friends, they wound up getting married and then later divorced. Sometimes the best thing to do is not to do anything, let them figure it out for themselves.

    the best thing you can do is try to stay out of it she will tire of it and see him for what he really is eventually.

    Walk away NOW and don't get involved. Trust me!

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