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    What is the best breed of dog?

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    Mines, the best, (a german shepherd and a Cocker spaniel) You can find a great mix breed for free or a lot less cost.

    Most breeds have their good and bad points, depends upon dog & owner. I've known many gentle, intelligent and docile pitbulls so it all depends on many factors. It really is a personal choice. I've always had a fondness for black labs as one saved my life when I was a teen in a fire!

    What are your needs? Sporting/tpy. bird dogs, Hound/bear,raccoon,pigs etc., Working/gaurd typ., Terrier/fox rats etc., Toy/bark pet hold etc., Non-Sporting/dogs that are not commonly used in sporting and working roles, Herding/cattle sheep etc.
    I like mutts because I could never afford a pure breed in this money driven world. Dogs are great.

    if you want fun, a terrier! Protection, a rotweiller or german sheppard, hunting, a retreiver,etc,etc.

    ole hipster

    As a matter of fact robt, I have a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix puppy and he's intelligent, energetic and basically a ball of fire and fun! Wonderful little companion, My first small breed dog and I didn't know what I've been missing until "Buster" here came into the picture!

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