Would it be possible to filter out all the religion on this site and keep it separate because its really boring

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    No it wouldn't. As been said by so many, if you don't like the religious threads, don't read them. I've done that on the ones that didn't have misleading titles. I opened a thread about a car engine one day only to find a message about religion and God in it. I was surprised to see that someone who believes what they consider to be the truth, needed to disguised it and dupe people into reading it.

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    plenty of other boring questins as well : do i really need air to breath? how big is your penis?... maybe we could filter out stupidy, where does it end



    daren, some threads you can just close. How big is my penis would be one. Remember, this site is moderated by the members. When I see the wall spammed by 12 questions that are stupid silly, I close the questions and report them as spam. An administrator bans the spammer.


    I agree with that too! :) But sometimes it breaks the seriousness and I find them fun to reply to.. 'Stupid question, stupid answer.."

    I don't think its a boring question and i don't think its asking for censorship. To say if you don't like the subject then go elsewhere is not the right answer either. Where I would like to see this as a general Q&A what is referred to here is that so many answers will fall onto god's back. 'God and Jesus is the answer to everything.. No its not!! These 'god' answers will appear in not christian questions. so I think that the reverse is true. If you don't see Christian or god in the question, don't answer with god or Jesus.. Some people want straight forward answers for the physical world, not the spiritual world. I certainly am not against religion so please don't put me down as a non-believer, I just like to deal with real facts and answers that involve movement of the body and mind, including the heart..

    Where most of you religious jugglers will condemn my thinking, one thing you must realize to yourself and each other is that you are the ones that told me that this is NOT a religious site, yet religion is your main reason for being here.. this is facts! I have only been here for a couple weeks and it is as clear as day.

    I enjoy answering questions when I thing I have an answer and I like to be a bit cocky and humorous at times, its fun and should be fun for everyone here..

    Please bring on your down votes -- this will be proof of my observations. You don't like what someone says you kick him, very christian...


    Vinny, I don't consider myself a Christian either. That's why you'll rarely see a comment from me on any of those questions, no interest! I do feel that when I look on the opening page and it's mostly God and Christian questions then I'll just log off and come back later because I know that the thread will be filled with scriptures and akaQA holy wars, which also don't interest me. No thumbs down pal because you did a great job speaking your mind.



    I agree with you Vinny. God at times wants us to figure our own things out. He doesn't always want people to just sit and pray for the answer or blame him for stuff that happens. He gave us brains to reason with and hearts to understand with. We need to use them. My brother said something the other day which I used on my "rant". I totally agree with what he said, "Keep God in your heart and keep your religion to yourself". You can still spread God's love without referencing a book that not all agree with.

    As much as we might want to filter out what we don't like...that's censorship and is not what this website is about. Plain and simple...if a thread doesn't interest me...I don't bother opening it.

    I support this

    How do you know but what you might learn something from this????

    That would be really nice if we could do it!

    Closed minds, are always wanting to filter out something, or that is disagreeable to them. Apparently they they don't know what to do with them selves. Good remedy, seriously to be healthy, let go of all this stuff, doesn't mean anything to you anyway, take and good hike, do something physical and productive, this will keep one from becoming an addict to misery, don't nuture it for it can become a possession. Filter out your unhappiness. :)

    You have the choice to pick what ever subject you want, don't click on things that bore you. Ask a relevant question on things you are interested in. This will draw like interested people. What is boring is your question! Wake up!

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