Where Have All The Statesmen Gone

    Have you noticed that the quality of our world leaders is going down the toilet. I think this has a lot to do with the way our polititians win elections these days. As long as they look good on camera,can read what their speech writers have written for them and make it sound as if they actually feel passionately about it, then there is no need for them to have a single original thought for the rest of their term of office. Its probably all our own fault in that the electorate seem to value image over ability. I dont know who the next President of America will be , but I will give you a profile of who he wont be. He wont be old, fat, bald, or ugly. And if Winston Churchill were re-incarnated, he would1nt get past the first interview of his local selection committee.

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    Excellent point, I agree with you totally. Not to mention you have to have tons of money to run and gain favor with many special interest groups.

    ....Long Time Passing


    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Make no doubt about this the Industrial machine will furnish all funds needed to put one of their in office ( GOP )

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