Mobile Phones Blessing Or Curse?

    Or put another way. How many times have you nearly been knocked flat by some idiot thumbing their keypad instead of looking where they are going.

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    both, first in case of emergency they're great, 2nd they are unsafe to use when driving and should be banned for use in all states for same. I've seen idiots talking and not paying attention where ther're walking.

    In the 80's even before beepers, at least if you didn't want to be bothered or interrupted, all you had to do was leave the house or work. You could go fishing all day and clear your mind, times have changed to put it lightly. I don't necessarily think that cell phones make life easier. Sometimes they just make your life more complicated. They are great to have in case of emergency, but when everyone can reach you all of the time, there is less time for rest and more time for stress.

    Well both. They are great if we need them to get help but I truly know what you mean by people driving and using them and paying no attention to their driving whatsoever.

    I was happy just using a pay phone, do you remember phone booths

    A couple of my kids have smart phones.They have apps that you can download.And put peoples numbers in and have an alert for that number.Then they can listen to you talking and also read your text messages.

    Blessing!!! I make money with it!

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