Presents In childhood

    What is the best present you ever received as a child

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    My first bicycle.

    My baseball glove and my first bb gun.

    A transister radio
    It would have to be the used Schwinn bicycle. My brother and I each got one, they lasted our entire childhood and traveled many a mile.
    a train set..
    The BB gun I shot my brother

    ooooh, i got some chocolate doll house furniture. i could either eat it or play with it,




    I know.

    The love and training of my parents.

    Ii would have to be my red bicycle. We were living in the ghetto and it was unthinkable to even try to ride the bike out doors. We used to ride it in the living room and corridors. Well, guess what? One day one of my siblings took it out for a quick spin and out of nowhere it came a "big bad-ass" boy and it took the darn bike. Never to be seeing again.

    What a terrible story, Varon. I had a Blue Schwinn and since I wasn't adventurous I would just ride it in circles around and around my circle drive. When I did get a little braver I pushed it up a great big hill and my friend, Carol, said it would be really easy to go down. So I did.
    Faster and faster and faster and then Wham right into an eight foot tall bush. I was all banged up and the injuries were such that my poor mother thought I had started my period (at age eight) It turned out that I was ok. I did learn to pedal backward when I wanted or NEEDED to stop.

    Wow Itsmee, your story brought me a smile. Something like that happened to my cousin, the smash part. She hit a trash can. Back in those days no one placed the trash in plastic bags. They just throw it into the trash bin. Well, I guess my cousin hit it so hard that she was covered in rubbish from top to toe and the smell was terrible. Thank you for your story, its cute and funny

    My saxophone

    My bad step dad, had flowers delievered to me in a sundae class... I think he and my mom were talking about splitting anf he was trying to get in her good graces... But I always wanted to be a daddys girl.. And I was strangely pleased with the gift.. Although I knew it was not from the heart.
    When I was young I did not get a lot but I loved whatever they gave me. Not much money in those days. My best was a Harmonica with a button on the side. Over 50 years on and still have it and can play it.
    Must have been my Star Wars toys, I had Hoth the ice planet, the Millennium Falcon, and the Boba Fett that I special ordered in the mail.

    colleen: why did you write "i know"? itsmee

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