I am 73 years old, and I find that year on year I am getting more critical, and cynical about the age we are living in. I realise that we do glamourise the past, and that probably the 50s, & 60s wern!t as great as we remember them.However, present day things like the growing drug culture,politics, multinational companys, and the worship of tallentless celebrities are a few of the things that really get me down. Am I in a minority. If there are any upbeat oldies out thre, I!d like to hear from you

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    1 am 66 and from my experience and my older kin and friends we all agree that in the 50s and sixtys we never had the technology or so s many brillint items on the market.But there was a far more relaxed feeling about life inflation was pretty stable ,plenty of jobs good schools with dicipline remember being caned for talking or being disruptive. nothing wrong with that that was when we were taught about the british culture and history and the difference between right and wrong not this p c garbage we are brainwashed with now rape and mugging was very rare . and it was safe to walk down the street after ten at night.yes iloved my youth nd feel sorry for the young people trying to get on the property ladder or even getting a job. i would like to finish with these words. Tommorow is the most important thing in life,Comes to us at midnight very clean. Its perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands it hopes we have learned something from yesterday! Harry.

    I am only about 40years old, but I and many of my friends feel the same way! You can sit back and watch the world become a more wicked place by the year or sometimes day. The crimes in the news just become more violent and ugly. It's true and you are correct the world is becoming almost an unbearable place to the older generations.

    If my Grad parents were alive, they wouldn't believe what is happening to this country and the world. The key is to make a difference for good in a young persons life. Be a mentor to someone, pass on the wisdom that you have picked up over the years. If you make a difference to just a few people they will make a difference to a few others, and the world will be a better place for some people. If you just sit on the sofa and shake your head in disgust, without doing anything to change the community for the better, it would be a shame. Don't waste your knowledge, do your part to make the world a better place even if it's just for a few people. Good luck, I hope you get involved in making a difference, there are many people who would appreciate your life experiences.

    Life is all relative. For years people died of natural causes, now they die of cancer,etc., that used to be called narural causes. There were not as many horrific happenings in the world, because the information could not get from one place to another for a decade sometimes. But the bad things and the bad people existed forever. Call me a hippy, if you want to, but all you have to do is love someone or something nearby and lifes meaning will show up. Some call it God, some call it humane, some call it fate. If you don,t want to watch what someone says you want to see on TV, then turn it off. Pick up, or better yet pick out a book that you want to read and relax. I am 66 and not in good shape at all. I try to teach anyone what I can from the small amount of wisdom I have aquired.

    I'm 66. I look up to where I'm going and life is glorious. When I look to the world it seems confused and frightening. I think the world is filled with children seeking to experience life in their own ways to learn the lessons life offers them as it did me. I came through a historical era where many mistakes were made and lessons were learned. We made choices, some were great and
    some were sadly disappointing. Mistakes were made that today's children have an opportunity to correct just as we did in our generation. I think this is how life should be for all of us and is. We are all pilgrims of progress through time.

    You are not alone in feeling that way. I find more and more that I dislike people anymore. They are callous uncaring no compassion and seems like they thrive and live to trash others and gossip and bs all of which I have neither the inclination nor the patience for at all and will not likely gain any for it in the future....

    I am 40 yrs old.I also am a grandmother of a 2 yr old granddaughter.But I have an unusually close relationship with my 2 daughters,who are 18 & 20 yrs old.I try to find good in this generation of humanity.While I too share the disgust in following of talentless celebrities,I find alot of strength in them as a whole.They are very outspoken,headstrong,and very independent.I personally think these are good traits to have in this world.This time demands strength in character.Not all are making the wrong choices.Some are learning from the wisdom of the past.And I consider myself as part of past times and I have shared all of the wisdom I can with my kids and their friends,they listen to my advice.

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