Who can sell my vehicle?

    Is there a company that will sell my SUV for me? If so, how much do they charge and how effective are they? I am trying to sell my 2003 Trailblazer and I am not having any luck on my own. Any information would br appreciated.

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    Try My bro sold his car through them and was quite happy with the results especially with the amount of money that he ended up making.


    I have to agree Auto Trader you can advertise in there and they will come out and take pictures of your auto for you and it will be in the bulletin they publish once a week and it will also be on the internet and you can advertise until it sells for used to be $69.00. That is what I have used before and have had good luck.

    ya def maybe you could put it in your local newspaper as well I heard that helps tremendously

    Have you tried Craigslist?

    Craigslist has been a bust. There are to many nut jobs out there sending fake/false responses to my add. I am looking to pay someone to find someone for this truck. Thanks for the reply.

    Roger Willcoe

    There's no telling when a consignment place would sell it, in the mean time your without wheels if you don't have another car. I would put a for sale sign in it with price/consignment and obo and park it in a high traffic area close by and maybe someone with money will fall in love with it. Good Luck

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