struggling financially?

    how can a politician making $174,000/yr be struggling financially?

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    its funny but why would someone spend a half billion dollars for a job that pays less than $200,000
    a year. not sure but i think they have a secret agenda

    Most likely, he doesn't have money skills. But he would be good at tightening your belt.

    Financial struggle is relative. meaning that $174K per year is nothing if you spend $274K per year..

    A person making 75k per year but lives within their means is not struggling. Some people spend more than they make. Makes no difference the amount you make, its all about the amount you spend..


    Also, IMO, politicians are not into it for the money, they are into it for the benefits and power. Hence the term 'crooked politicians'

    I would have to say mis-placed priorities maybe?

    I don't know but if he would let me have his salary I would give it a whirl and let you know......

    I am still rolling on the floor after LMAO at your most excellent question/comment/such good fun! Thank you for making my evening more memorable!

    By spending $ 500.000 a year.

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