Do vampires exist?

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    satans capable of ALMOST any thing ,so yes its possible
    Vampir bats exist in S America. They can attack humans and cattle.
    If you mean vampires like Nosferatu, he who assumes human form and can be deterred by garlic and a stake in the heart, the answer is 'no'.
    I don't think naturally in life, but there are people who practice the lifestyle...fake it! I have met energy vampires that are negative and suck your good energy out leaving you feeling drained and negative yourself. I would be more concerned about them than the ones out there wearing fake teeth.
    Well, there could be a sick blood drinkers that are just regular sick humans, but there is nothing like vampire movies that shows they are strong, immortal, red eye ext..........
    No ofcourse, you need to watch less vampire movies

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