how do i get polish to stay on toes.....lately the polish isn't staying on a lady who I've done every 6 weeks for the last 2 years......

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    Nail polish chips or comes off in one big piece. This is a frustrating problem with one solution that will ensure that you will never endure such distress again.

    First let's troubleshoot the basics:

    What kind of nail polish are you using? Some polish just doesn't stay on very well. Some of the longest staying products are:Good stuff: Opi, Sally Henson, Revlon, Pure Ice by Bari Cosmetics and Zoya. Make sure you are using a polish that has a reputation for staying put.

    If you are using a good product and it still doesn't adhere to your nail, this is probably because you have too much oil in your nails. Washing and drying your hands thoroughly and even applying nail polish remover is not enough.

    You can use a a nail buffer before applying your clear undercoat, in fact, it is recommended to help achieve a smooth result, but even this may not solve the problem on nail polish not adhering properly.

    There is one simple, natural product that will put an end to your manicure disappointments: Witch hazel.

    Here is what to do:

    Remove any old nail polish with a nail polish remover.

    Shape your nails using an emery board with a one-way motion.

    Wash and thoroughly dry your hands.

    Use a buffer to smooth ridges.

    Apply a small amount of witch hazel to a cotton ball and wipe each of your nail with it.

    Apply one, thin, clear undercoat. This keeps the colored polish from yellowing your nails.

    Apply two or three thin coats of your desired color.

    Apply a top coat.

    Tip #1: Try refrigerating nail polish to keep it from thickening. Make sure lids are on tight! If your nail polish is too thick, try adding a drop or two of nail polish remover. It will probably take the sheen out of the polish, though. You can add sheen again with your clear, shiny top coat.

    Tip #2: Keep your nails beautiful by making a habit of pushing your cuticles back, off the nail bed, whenever you take a bath. A fifteen minute soak is long enough to soften them and you can push them with a cuticle stick or even a towel.


    Now I know why mines been coming off easy.
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