why do men have nipples

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    For pleasure...................!!

    So we can give them purple nurples when they piss us off!

    So they can attach spring loaded clothes pins to them. :)



    Now, it's getting kinky

    We have needs and wants just like everybody else.  Any more questions?



    WOW!!! At a loss for words with this one!

    Too sheer for you, michmar, I gather?

    Well, actually, no, I rather like the sheerness. It's the lingerie and the long hair and the setting overall that suggests something strange is about to happen.
    I do like your pics, chiangmai.

    Yes, it was too sheer for this site. That was nudity even with the see through material "covering" it. Pictures like that can not be posted here, we will lose our photo posting abilities if too many pics like that get posted. That is exactly what the admins worried about when I was fighting so hard to get us the ability to post pictures here. ;)

    Thanks for the inside info, colleen, did not know that.

    Sorry about the posting. My wife and I both missed the "bottom" half of the picture. I thought the top half was funny albeit repulsive. I could have sworn he had his pants on. Well, at least Michmar had a good laugh. :)

    Easy for the acupuncturist to locate acupuncture points.

    so we can do titty twisters on THEM


    how kinky

    Men, if stimulated the correct way can produce milk. I guess way and one upan a time they helped a little more.


    men can produce milk ? ! That's a new one. I wonder if the AMA knows about this ?

    ...AND there is no physical reason why a man cannot carry a baby except it's getting there. 30 years ago a man in Germany gave birth (caesarian)...I learned this stuff in nursing school a thousand and a half years ago....

    WHY NOT?



    spares for men, in case one nipple drops off ? Where do you keep the spares ?

    Spares, instead of what Tommyh. be care full with answer lol.

    I only give the answer I think appropriate.I don't supply any explanations.The rest is up to your imagination.LMAO

    Well men can get breast cancer and nipples are a part of a breast so that would be my theory

    Men have nipples so their wife or sig other can nibble on them and suck them  :-)

    b/c  all embryos start out the same way .

    They are twin bullseyes  for the bulging  chest muscles  us men have,  . thats my story and I'm sticking to it.  LOL

    For decoration.

    Nipples on either Males or Females consist of Erectile Tissues.  They can provide Sexual Arousal in the Male & Female.  Which would include the release of Hormones & Endorphins. As for any Practical Reasons the Female can produce Milk for the Infants which is Superior to the man made formulas.  It Helps to Boost the Infants Immune System.   As far as I know the Male cannot produce Milk. Nor despite the Urban Legends the Male cannot  become Pregnant.  They can be Pierced in the Male & Female, but this is reported to cause a decrease in Sensitivity.  There is also a risk of secondary infection!

    I read about man in Germany that gave birth to baby, paper also stated, it was first a woman, then had sex change.

    Name wasn't Arnold was it?

    We would look funny with three bellie buttons.

    "" That's in case they have a sex change.

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