do women get horney and how can you tell when they are

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    thank you itsmee.....who is rhianna and why do you say that?????

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    the bigger the wallet the hornier they get,best put a "rubber" around your "wad" of money
    when they start bumping into you accidentally.
    when they use your name a lot, franklin.
    when they brush their hands against you.
    when they tend to wear sexy clothes around you (no, franklin ... rhianna is NOT in love with you.
    when they stare into your yellow eyes without blinking ... (sounds like something from the childrens' book "where the wild things are")
    when they neat up their hair or their lipstick.
    when they say, "oh, i feel so out of it ... nobody but me is still a virgin at age 23"
    ooooh i love your eyes
    when they say, "have you been working out a lot lately"
    there may be more ...: D
    When they start ripping your clothes off.

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