what is more attractive on the female body ?

    what is more attractive on the female body ? breast or butt ?

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    I don't think looks are everything.You can have a beautiful women with big breast.And a nice butt.but what happens when it starts to sag.I've seen women on biggest loser that loose weight and are just as beautiful.I think a great mind and a beautiful personality says it all.

    Boobs!!!! Butts don't do it for me, we all have butts, seen one seen em all. I don't like huge boobs either, some guys like this and women spend thousands of dollars getting breast augmentation, its fake!
    It helps having some intelligence with the boobs too, did I mention eyes and teeth?? up close, face to face, I don't like looking at bad teeth.. Eyes are sexy!

    big butt and breasts look good on a lot of women, but sometimes less is more. It depends on the girl.

    A picture paints a thousand words, willfire.



    Nice :)

    No wonder they say Oklahoma is for lovers.

    I am a boob man, the day Gemaine Greer told women to burn their bra was the best day in the world for a boob man.

    Picture two women walking towards a man .equal szed breasts, one wearing a bra the other free as the breeze, guess which one gets noticed most. Good on you Germaine.

    Two possums under a blanket look a heap better than two plaster casts.

    I'm a butt man myself, some men like breasts.

    1. As you pass through life...

    2. It will all become adorable

    boobs are its the frist thing you see right off.

    Every woman has something attracts you. Woman is the most beautiful creature God created. All her body attracts me, and that is if she is: Attractive, appealing, athletic, beautiful, blasting figure, bodylicious, curvaceous, desirable, dream doll, elegant, emotional, exotic, full of life, gorgeous, hilarious, horny, hot, intelligent, irresistible, killer, lovable, luscious, naughty, passionate, pleasing, pretty, proportional, romantic, seductive, sensational, sexylicious, sharp, smart, striking, stunning, stylish, sweet, unique beauty

    b hole

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