was hitler of the pure race?

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    I believe his grandmother was thought to be Jewish. All his family history was virtually destroyed.


    His father was part jewish.

    There is no such thing as a pure race.We all are of the human race,but none of us is perfect;we all have flaws.That is what makes us unique!

    Yes, he was of the psychotic, sociopathic,  lunatic 'pure race'.

    Hitler was not a RACE but a person.

    A rather hideous one at that.


    Misunderstood the question.

    NO, hitler was of MIXED RACE.

    He was part jewish and Austrian

    I guess naunajones, ment when she asked, Was Hitler of pure race ,ment, Not racially mixed with  non-natives. Indo-European peoples, than other people of what was called The Aryan peoples. !!


    How could he be pure He isn't and wasn't fit to be called human we all should be ashamed of him as members of the human race especially the Austrians and Germans


    Hitler is not the German people, nor is he the Austrians.. He mislead these people not unlike what is going on in this world today but I don't blame the people, I blame Hitler and his henchmen.. The people had no choice, they had to follow the dictators war policies or face execution..

    Vinny I said the Austrian and German people should be ashamed of Hitler

    Hitler was out to create the pure race by destroying all he thought of as unpure, he himself was unpure and he tried to have that covered up...

    Only his "square" mustache was real.


    I wont use the words that really fit him he is a human Devil pure evil he betrayed his Jewish heritage and murder 6,000,000 Jews may they rest in peace I believe that I am part Jewish myself this why I do not like hate it just destroys only love drives it back and good people saying NO


    brilliant :-)


    Pure mad.

    There is no such thing as pure race.

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