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    Will you accept a money order and/or certified check without a holding period?

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    Well not me personally but if you are talking about ordering something then they should take a money-order but be forewarned I think a Cashier's Check on the bank is better than going to some grocery store or 7-11 type handy pak store and purchasing a money order because if it gets lost in the mail or otherwise from what I understand it is a very very hard thing to get cleared versus the bank would have a copy of the Cashiers Check on file and would have it to show proof.

    I sent them an e-mail, never received a reply!

    I believe they are not that bright. I have a masters degree in business and another masters in common sense. Duh!

    Why is your competitor putting a 6 day hold on money orders?

    E-trade should accept it, for a money order as well as a cashier's check is as good as cash, gold or wired money.

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