The definition of giving, and nobody knows this.

    When Russia had it's reactor meltdown, during the Reagon yrs. , what was the name of the person that the President of Russia would shake hands first, (2nd was Pres. Reagon), and why?

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    90 percent of all the money given to Russia for the clean-up, over 4 yrs, was donated by one man, out of his own pocket. The other 10 percent was donations from all over the world, the RED CROSS, and others alike. Now that's a giver, and I'll bet my life on it, that you have no idea who that was. But everyone knows who gave away 200 cars on a talk show, I'm sure, this person makes sure everyone knows about her generosity. This man and I hope you look it up, gave 72 billion dollars to Russia over 4yrs. out of his own pocket, anonymous.

    whatashame whatasham

    Hint, He made pencils.

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