Boats , who owns boats?

    Ok people, who owns a boat?

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    i discovered years ago your better off having a friend with a boat than actually owning your own boat

    Had a forty footer, docking fees were more than may mortgage at the time. 1,000 gallon fuel tank. Thank God found another idiot beside me to buy it.

    People with a endless supply of money. Tinnies excepted. A BOAT: a hole in the water you throw money into. Some owners maybe wanabes.

    I got a 40 ft houseboat but I don't take it anywhere mostly use it as a guest house or fish from it

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    That's great. I love staying over nite on my friend's boat. Sleeps 6 to 8 people, it's like a hotel, and he keeps it spotless. You can eat off the floor in his engine compartment.

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    And yes, I help wash down the entire boat when we return to dock, I'm not like other people and take off leaving him with all the work.

    I have a one, 16 ft runabout.

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    Two feet longer, ofcourse, I'm "gefiltefished". I looked that one up.

    As the saying goes, "The two happiest days in your life will be: The day you bought your boat, and the day you sold it."


    That is true to some extent I enjoy just going on mine and just sit and fish sun or whatever its relaxing

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    Your not alone.

    We have a 20ft pontoon Parti Kraft that is set up for fishing 90HP merc force and trolling motor,fish finder. My wife and I love it. use it twice a year for 12-14 days each time in the summer. Thats our vacation so the cost is what it is.

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    Pontoon boats are great to fish off of.

    Boats, who owns boats?? Well people that fish or day sail or cruise on weekends and the common denominator is we all love the water. You don't have to be a millionaire to own a boat you purchase what you can afford. Mine is a 23' cuddy cabin that I keep in a slip on Lk Michigan and spend weekends on the boat. it's like having a summer cabin somewhere in the woods But mine is used regularly for fishing for salmon. I am looking to go to 28' and that will be the last.

    Wish I did because I love to go out on my friend's boats but then I talk to them and they say that gas for boats is worse than for cars. I didn't know that. Is it true?

    whatashame whatasham

    Shirly, I mean coach, mine is just a 14ft. fiberglass runabout, A "MFG" 1978. I put a 60HP Merc. on it 3 yrs. ago. I knew no one who owned a boat untill I bought this one. I put it in a local lake using a trolling motor(electric), and take it to the Cheasapeak Bay in MD waters. Between ramp fees, fishing license, food, gas for the car and boat, it,s easily 85.00 dollars a trip. My friend has a 36ft. sportsfishingmans boat, 15 mins in the water, your looking at 125.00 dollars. Nice talking to you Shirly, I mean ...

    I really enjoy my little boat. It's goes to places where big boats go, but less expense. Alot of people really like this MFG boat. It's very sturdy. I'm redoing the wood platform I installed a few years back with vinyl wood.

    Boat owners, who else?

    I looked at a Carver 44' and NOW! with fuel prices, glad I kept my 23' but will eventually go for the 28', slip fees are like paying property tax on a summer place, mine comes with elec, and cable TV, water. and it's under 2000 for 71/2 months it's in the water

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