how crops are threshed and winnowed ?

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    The threshing is the process of separating fruits or seeds from the plants or ears (cobs/panicle). It is followed by winnowing which consists of separating grain seed from chaff. Threshing methods vary with type of crop. In general these are:
    1. Beating with sticks/mallets (safflower, green gram, Urd, etc.)
    2. Beating against stone or hard material (harrow body). E.g. Arhar.
    3. Trampling under the feet of bullocks or wheels of tractor or bullock cart. E.g. Cereals, pulses,
    4. By using threshing machines bullock (olpad), tractor or electric motor drawn. E.g. almost all crops.
    After threshing this material is winnowed. The grains are subjected for sun drying before storage or marketing. Sun drying is done by spreading the produce on floor in a thin layer (10cm) for 4 – 5 days and stirred at 2 hrs. Interval to have uniform & quick drying and to lower the moisture up to 12 to 14%. To fetch higher prices for the produce should be graded, baged and sent to market.

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