is it safe to smoke cigarettes while riding your bicycle

    i would hate to think i was causing a safety hazard for my fellow riders


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    Your hair may catch fire, smoking sucks.


    yep, real hothead not just sucks, stupid in more ways than one!

    Smoking anywhere is not safe to your health.  Second hand smoke is harmful to the people around you. 

    The safest place to smoke is in your coffin "after the event"


    my dad used to call cigs coffin nails. lol

    Isn't there a law; No driving a tricycle while smoking?

    The wind is a bit of a bother. But if you have a full-face helmet, not only will you look super-macho but you will get the full benefit of the smoke. Heck, you can even get a laugh for yourself by smoking outside a public building with one of those 'no smoking within 3 metres' signs. Have a cigar.


    Haaha haha ahahaha ha ha ha ahahaha ha hah ha -- sides hurt!

    I was just going to tell him he'd look stupid, but you created a much better visual and even blew some smoke in his face.

    i love it!

    You could even have two cigars, if your fast enough,kimba.

    Why would you wan't to light up whilst going for a bike ride ?


    so the ciggy will burn up real fast between his yellow nicotine fingers and burn the s*** out himself, then he can wreck his bike when the pain hits

    One tier safer than drinking and riding.

    sounds potentially dangerous and i am a smoker!!how you going to hold the smoke and keep both hands on the handlebars?probably not a good idea

    It's not safe for your lungs and not safe if you toss the butt onto dry grass. Other than that, it's not a safety hazard. ;)


    better wear safety goggles unless they want fiery ashes in their eyes

    ....take care of you first; don't smoke

    ....then, you will take care of fellow riders

    Not safe riding or not riding your bike.

    It's not safe to smoke...PERIOD!                                                                                                                                            If you were biking and tried to light up, you'd probably take one of your hands off the handlebars, or be distracted.

    You gotta go from something,why not be in control of how..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

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